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In the January 14, 1930 edition of the Daily Banner two lost communities in old Mill Creek Township were described, Vettersville and Mt. Washington:

Attorney John H Allee owns an entire town site, and sometimes wishes he did not. On the town site he raises corn, rather than sky-scrapers. The corn thrives just as well on town lots as it would if the land were not town lots, but John Allee knows there is a difference—a snake in his grass, so to speak, which raises its head whenever the land owner seeks to write the abstract of title.

The town was known as Vettersville, and was in Mill Creek township, Putnam County, on Mill Creek, several miles south of the National road.

When it was laid out, probably a hundred years ago, it was in Morgan county, hut the tax payers had so much difficulty in crossing Mill Creek at times, to get to Martinsville, that the township was allocated to Putnam, along with some fine people, and some splendid farm land. There was a steam saw mill at Vettersville known as "Bean Blossom." which was built by the father of Isaac Radcliff. Also, a store and a toll bridge across Mill Creek.

Some lots were sold but were not improved. The owners moved away, and now John H. Allee has to clear his title to the lots by considerably more trouble than direct purchase would be. His father, John P. Allee long owned the land.

We can see from this article that Vettersville must have been a mile or two southeast of Mt. Washington at or near Mill Creek, possibly near the Parker covered bridge. Vettersville had to have been one of the early communities in the area, but it did not survive as the Indiana General Assembly formally dissolved this town in the 1849 session when Mill Creek Township was still part of Morgan County.

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