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Adult Artists Show

LOCALITY: A Visual Arts Exhibition 


The Greencastle Arts Council in collaboration with the Putnam County Museum would like to encourage and support the arts in our local community by highlighting local 2-D and 3-D artists. LOCALITY: A Visual Arts Exhibition had an open call for adult artists that live, work, attend school, or were born in Putnam County, as well as artists in surrounding areas that support our west central Indiana community.  


This exhibition was on display at the Putnam County Museum throughout the months of July and August. Qualifying amateur and professional artists competed for multiple awards. Works created by GAC Board of Directors’ members and our professional jury, were also be on display. Without further delay, we would like to proudly announce our finalists for LOCALITY: A Visual Arts Exhibition. 


The 24 participating artists are Hannah Buchanan, Holly Buchanan, Lisa Cooper, Rachel Curtis, Bill Curtis, Stephen Edwards, Stu Fabe, K Ferrand-Ott, Paul Fiscus, Maria Gomez, Esther Hale, Lavinia Hale, Donna Harcourt, Suzanne Hassler, Yasushi Ishikawa, M. Rees, T.L. Ridgway, Jerome Rud, Lynne Tweedie, Brenda Whicker, Jim Whicker, Katie Wood, Logan Wood, Stacey Lynne Wurster.


Through two rounds, 2-D and 3-D works of art were selected through a blind voting process, which did not include the artist’s name. A panel was appointed and several community leaders and volunteers happily participated, including members of the Greencastle Arts Council and the Putnam County Museum.


The Arts Panel members are Alexandra Chamberlain, Lisa Cooper, Rachel Curtis, Ron Dye, Lavinia Hale, Suzanne Hassler, Mickey Meehan, Lisa Mock, Matt Rees, Toni Ridgway-Woodall, Lynne Tweedie.

March 8th, 2020 Through April 25th

All County Student Art Show 

View the 2020 Art show here

February 27th, 2020    6:30

History Tune-Up with Larry Tippin

Putnam County Historian, Larry Tippin continues his historic talks! 

This month, his presentation will consider the creation and founding of Putnam County and the placement of the county's Seat of Justice. 


He'll also reveal the more than probable reason why our county seat is called Greencastle.  Hint, it has nothing to do with Pennsylvania. 


AND why our county is called Putnam.  Hint, it has nothing to do with a man named Israel!  Prepare to be shocked and surprised! 

Free and open to the public.  

Saturday January 11th to February 21st






Beyond the Bright Red Counter is a multi-medium exhibit by Konrad Rula, photographer and studio art and communications student at DePauw University.  


This exhibit will give one last look at White Cleaners, a family-run business that operated in Putnam County for more than 72 years.  Using sound, sight and motion, the exhibit features actual equipment, artifacts and the original bright red counter to tell the story of a landmark  business and the people who worked there.


Among interesting aspects of this exhibit, the clothes trolley has been reassembled and will have orphan cleaning hanging from it.  If you forgot your cleaning once upon a time this may be your chance to take it home!  


This exhibit is free and open to the community.  For more information, call the museum at 765 653-8419.   The exhibit runs until February 21st.



February 8th, 2020

At one time, there were at least 8 different Scout Troops in Putnam County, and numerous Cub Scout Dens. Almost every town and burg had at least one troop.

The Boy Scouts of America was founded 110 years ago, on February 8, 1910.  To celebrate this milestone year the Putnam County Museum will host a Putnam County Boy Scout Reunion Open House.  All current and former Scouts and Scout leaders are welcome, including those who were Scouts in other counties.

Scouts will share stories of campouts, cookouts, canoeing and camaraderie.  Scouting memorabilia, including badges, patches and pictures will be on display and you are encouraged to share your Scouting stories and experiences.


Snacks and drinks will be furnished thanks to Troop 99.


Memorabilia may be brought to the Museum starting Saturday, February 1st and will be on display February 4th through the 8th.  For information about displaying, contact the Museum at 765 653-8419.

As with any reunion, finding names and addresses is the most difficult process, so please spread the word to all the past Scouters you know.

For any other information contact David Boswell at dboswell73@hotmail.com or call 765-653-6755 and leave a message.

January 26th, 2020

Lego Birthday Bash

The Lego Birthday Bash is presented in collaboration with Greencastle Parks and Recreation.  This party, complete with a LEGO birthday cake, is an amazing celebration of the 62nd Anniversary of the LEGO Building Block!  See fantastic creations from brick artists and engineers of the Indiana LEGO user group and private builders. 


Admission is one non-perishable food item or a financial donation per person. 

Presented by James Champion.

Mr. Champion holds a BA in History and a Masters in Library Science.  He has conducted new research on Dillinger and will present his findings at this informative presentation. 


John Dillinger was only 31 years old when he died.  His crime spree lasted a little over a year, but his antics still capture the imagination of the public.  The program will examine Mr. Dillinger's life, "career" (including the robbery in Greencastle, the most lucrative he ever pulled), and death, as well as providing information on some of his "associates"

January 16th, 2020

John Dillinger


October 1 - November 29, 2019

88 cores      Peggy Weil


Paradise and Its Dark Side

          C​lare Backer, Jerry Bates, John Berry, Garret L. Boone

          David Herrold, Robert Kingsley, William Meehan                                                                                George Jo Mess, Lori Miles, Martha Donovan Opdahl,

          Barbara Timm, A. Reid Winsey

        Curated by Martha Donovan Opdahl 

         in Collaboration with Jerry Bates

BEARING WITNESS: “88 Cores” + Paradise and Its Dark Side is a visual art exhibition of place and time in which nature and culture intersect; the global and the local connect. LA artist Peggy Weil’s “88 Cores” video installation makes accessible to us ice cores from the  Greenland ice sheet showing global climate change starting from 1989 and going 2 miles deep and back 110,000 years to bedrock. This antique frozen water reveals seasonal, slow, cyclical climate change over long periods of time turned as if by alchemy into beautiful light. In the adjacent gallery, Paradise and Its Dark Side by contemporary area artists reveals the beauty of our local, glacier-carved, varied, and productive  landscape as we know it, love it, and live it here in fossil-strewn Putnam County. 


Yet, there’s now evidence of something new and foreboding happening which threatens our paradise. Worse, threatens our very survival. Humankinds’ survival. We risk losing it all. This dread, this feeling of things gone wrong, very wrong, our artists capture and reveal. We know what is causing this escalating change which we witness almost daily. The central issue of our time—rapid, human-induced climate change—around which the show was conceived, threatens the lives of our children and grandchildren.The growth and progress for humanity’s well-being which drove the past 200 years of industrialization, a product of fossil fuel based energy, has had destructive, unintended consequences on the environment which sustains us. For recorded rising temperatures of the atmosphere at unprecedented and alarmingly accelerated rates exacerbate natural forces of air, wind, fire, and water which, unless stopped, will lead to environmental catastrophe. This exhibition reminds us of what matters most to all of us—and that we care—which is essential for initiating dialogue and building trust. We know what’s broke. We know how to fix it. We fix it. Because we care.



                                                 BEARING WITNESS 

                                    88 Cores     +     Paradise and Its                                     

                                                        Dark Side

                                             Peggy Weil              C​lare Backer, Jerry Bates, John Berry, Garret L. Boone

                                                         David Herrold, Robert Kingsley, William Meehan                                                                               George Jo Mess, Lori Miles, Martha Donovan Opdahl,

                                                         Barbara Timm, A. Reid Winsey



        This exhibition was presented in partnership with the Peeler Art Center,

                                  DePauw University, Greencastle Indiana.


Thank you to those who helped fund this exhibition by participating in our raffle.  




We are open! Call or email today to make an appointment, or book a tour with museum staff.  

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