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Meet the Author

Larry Tippin has served as County Historian since 2008. His interest in history grew out of extensive research of his family roots and restoration of pioneer cemeteries. A semi-retired CPA, Mr. Tippin has served in a variety of civic and professional organizations.


He was a founding member of the Central Indiana Chapter of the Association of Government Accountants and served as Chapter President and Regional Vice President of the National Association of Government Accountants. He has also served as Treasurer and President of the North Putnam Alumni Association, as a member of the Board of Directors of the local Heritage Preservation Society, Putnam County Museum and the Friends of the Roachdale Library.


The museum is happy to host many of Larry Tippin's talks

on our Youtube channel, which can be viewed here: 

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Recent Posts

Tiny Towns and Vanishing Villages

The Museum is happy to feature Putnam County Historian Larry Tippin in his new series, 'Tiny Towns and Vanishing Villages'. This series covers the founding, existence, and gradual disappearance of these communities, and locations within.
Please visit our Youtube channel, and look for the playlist titled 'Tiny Towns and Vanishing Villages' to learn more about these communities!
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