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American Art Pottery - The Lane Ralph Collection

Lane Ralph 1.png

     A new exhibit featuring the American Art Pottery collection of local resident, Lane Ralph, was introduced to the public the evening of September 15th at the Putnam County Museum.  

     Ralph’s collection of art pottery includes Roseville, Rookwood, Cowan and Peters & Reed.   All four potteries were originally in Ohio and pieces turn up at Indiana shops and yard sales frequently.  Ralph has collected for a number of years and will share his knowledge with the audience.  His collection will be displayed in the Museum’s newly-installed twelve foot showcase, a gift of Michael and Stephanie Hurt.  


     Ralph is a native Hoosier and an alum of Indiana State University.  He holds a B.S. degree in political science and a M.P.A. in public administration. He is a retired staff member from the United States Senate, and since 1982, a resident of Greencastle, Indiana. His hobbies include gardening, tractor restoration, traveling and collecting American Art Pottery and Hoosier painters.  Ralph is a founding member of the Greencastle Arts Council and currently serves on their board. He is married to Ruth Ralph and has two daughters and four grandchildren.


Cowan Marigold.png
Roseville Mostique .png
Rookwood Bamboo (1).png

Lane Ralph

A sampling of American Art Pottery.

William Vietor, Master Gunsmith

     William Vietor was a farmer, skilled machinist, and sought after gunsmith and violin maker in the Reelsville area of southwest Putnam County.  His custom made, hand crafted competition muzzleloaders are treasured.  He was a crack shot, participating in X matches around west central Indiana in the 1940's until his death in 1968.


     Impressive craftsmanship is evident in the tools, patterns and firearms created by Vietor. Various muzzle-loading gun paraphernalia, including items made by Mr. Vietor and those under his direction, have been loaned to showcase his specialty.

PXL_20210806_173817479 (1).jpg
William Vietor.jpg

William Vietor in his workshop.

Putnam County Potters

     Putnam County is home to a strong community of ceramic artists, and the Museum holds an extensive collection including works by:


  • Marj and Richard Peeler

  • Richard Burkett

  • Lance Myers

  • Charles Todd Wagoner

  • Nancy Lovett

  • Scott Cooper

  • David Herrold

  • David Berg

  • and more!

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