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By clicking on one of the links below, you'll connect with the article published in the Banner Graphic newspaper.   The links will be updated periodically, as new stories are published.

04/23/19 Tippin to continue small town talks Thursday at museum

04/02/19 Tiny Towns revelations: New Maysville Mall, two Belle Unions and shopping in Brunerstown

03/22/19 McKim Observatory has stories to tell, treasures to share, HPS learn.

01/21/19  Lego event at Putnam County Museum Jan. 27 set as food drive

12/10/18  Museum Combo

11/19/19  Washburn DAR hosts Indiana State Archives director at museum

08/27/18 Travel Indiana article.

07/31/18 Next Old Trail Inn Dinner

07/20/18 County considering Masonic Lodge

05/29/18 Arrowhead Roadshow Returns to Museum


05/25/18 Museum's Prom Night tickets


05/18/18  Railroading event at Museum

05/16/18 Antique Tractor Show

04/27/18 Memory Lane for GC IBMers

04/16/18 Snakehead Ed to visit

03/22/18 The sky's the limit

03/14/18 Zumba Instruction at Museum

03/05/18 Museum Membership Meeting

02/13/18 Museum Fans go down rabbit hole. 

01/11/18  Old Trail Inn Dinner seats.

12/18/17  Murder Mystery Event

12/14/17 Dittmer Book

12/11/17 Old Trail Inn Dinner

11/17/17  Kids Club 

11/14/17 Old Trail Inn

11/14/17  Hemes Exhibit

11/02/17 Museum Needs Help

10/19/17  Kids Club

10/03/17  Vaughn Family

09/05/17  Teresa McGuire

08/15/17  Mystery Event

08/07/17  Old Trail Inn Recipes

07/27/18  Pearl Bryan Story

07/18/17 Old Trail Inn Sold Out

07/17/17  Ken Torr

07/13/17  First Old Trail Inn dinner

07/11/17  Signs of Progress

07/07/17 Ag Equipment Exhibit

07/02/17  Pearl Bryant Questions

06/22/17  Allison Plant History

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