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Locust Grove School in Monroe Twp

There was once a high school called Locust Grove which was located in the southeast part of Section 23 of Monroe Township. This school, also called the Priest School or School No. 7, was about a quarter of a mile west of the railroad tracks on County Road 425N just east of 100E, and about halfway between Bainbridge and Brick Chapel. The only thing remaining that would indicate a school was ever at this place is the old sidewalk that went from the road to the school. Articles regarding Locust Grove were found under news from Locust Grove, Brick Chapel, Somerset and Tarbutton, which was apparently the community near the school.

This school seemed to be fond of its sports, as there were several articles in the newspapers in the early 1900’s about the Locust Grove High School basketball team playing other teams, and how successful the basketball team was doing.

We see a listing of commencement exercises of the Monroe County schools in the May 23, 1910 edition of the Greencastle Herald. The 1910 graduating class of Locust Grove non-commissioned High School consisted of three students – Leslie Ferrand, Belle Hanks and Lucille Hillis.

By 1921 it appears Locust Grove High School is no longer operating. An article in the Greencastle Herald dated September 13 of that year indicates that Estelle Minnick was hauling the Locust Grove students to the Brick Chapel school. By 1923, there are articles indicating homecomings for former students and teachers of the Locust Grove High School. By 1927, the homecoming was not well attended, and it appears the homecoming events of the school were discontinued after that time. Students from this area now attend elementary school at Bainbridge and then move on to North Putnam for middle school and high school.

Photo Courtesy of “Schools in Your Hand”

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