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Broadpark (or Broad Park)

There were several communities close to each other in Jefferson Township in southeastern Putnam County, and we will discuss each in turn, starting with Broadpark.

Broadpark was located about two and a half miles south of U. S. 40 where U. S. 75 terminates, and about the same distance northeast of Belle Union, along the border of Sections 5 and 6 of Old Mill Creek Township. J. C. Broadstreet and Hugh Parker owned land on each side of the road and decided to put up a store, with each owning land on their respective side of the road. A lot for a school was also set aside. After surveying the place on June 25, 1893, Broadstreet and Parker decided to sell lots on their respective sides of the road. But first they needed to find a name for the place. They decided to name the place after themselves, by using the first part of each of their names, hence the name Broadpark (or if you prefer, Broad Park).

According to A Journey Through Putnam County History, 1966, the first postmaster, Columbus C. Johnson, was appointed March 26, 1892. His successors were, E. V. Ragland, June 19, 1893; James M. Ham, August 17, 1893; Minnie Costin, November 26, 1894 and the appointment rescinded December 20, 1894; John L. Washburn, October 6, 1895; John W. Parker, November 10, 1896; George C. Knoy, June l, 1900; George H. Gross, February 16, 1901; Victor Littell, September 21, 1901; and Hezekiah McMilman, September 29, 1902. The mail was sent to Coatesville on December 17, 1903 and the office discontinued on the last day of December 1903.

It was said that at one time Broadpark had about ten houses, the school, a general store, a blacksmith shop, a barber shop and a few other businesses, none of which now exist.

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