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Horntown was a small community with a general store, school and a cluster of homes in section 35, Twp 13N, R 3W, in the northeastern corner of Cloverdale Township. It was about six miles east of Cloverdale and a little north, and about four miles south of Belle Union. This part of Cloverdale Township was originally part of Jefferson Township, and early newspaper accounts reflected that fact, and it appears the community identified itself more with Jefferson than with Cloverdale Township to a certain extent. There was once a post office at Horntown, until it was discontinued with the advent of rural free delivery out of the Cloverdale post office in 1901.

The primary families in the early days were the Horn’s and the Michaels’. About the only thing left to mark the existence of Horntown is a nearby cemetery which contains about a dozen burials of members of those two families.

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