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LOCALITY: A Visual Arts Exhibition 

July - August 2020

The Greencastle Arts Council, in collaboration with the Putnam County Museum, is proud to encourage and support the arts in our local community by highlighting local 2-D and 3-D artists. LOCALITY: A Visual Arts Exhibition had an open call for adult artists that live, work, attend school, or were born in Putnam County, as well as artists in surrounding areas that

support our west central Indiana community.  


This exhibition was on display at the Putnam County Museum throughout the months of July and August. Qualifying amateur and professional artists competed for multiple awards. Works created by GAC Board of Directors’ members and our professional jury, were also on display. 


The 24 participating artists were Hannah Buchanan, Holly Buchanan, Lisa Cooper, Rachel Curtis, Bill Curtis, Stephen Edwards, Stu Fabe, K Ferrand-Ott, Paul Fiscus, Maria Gomez, Esther Hale, Lavinia Hale, Donna Harcourt, Suzanne Hassler, Yasushi Ishikawa, M. Rees, T.L. Ridgway, Jerome Rud, Lynne Tweedie, Brenda Whicker, Jim Whicker, Katie Wood, Logan Wood, Stacey Lynne Wurster.


Through two rounds, 2-D and 3-D works of art were selected through a blind voting process, which did not include the artist’s name. A panel was appointed and several community leaders and volunteers happily participated, including members of the Greencastle Arts Council and the Putnam County Museum.


The Arts Panel members were Alexandra Chamberlain, Lisa Cooper, Rachel Curtis, Ron Dye, Lavinia Hale, Suzanne Hassler, Mickey Meehan, Lisa Mock, Matt Rees, Toni Ridgway-Woodall, Lynne Tweedie.

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