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2022 Adult Visual Art Exhibition

     With the support of the Indiana Arts Commission, the Greencastle Arts Council and Putnam County Museum collaborated on a joint project that in the span of three short years has blossomed into a local tradition: the Putnam County Adult Visual Arts Exhibition. In addition to First- and Second- place prizes, funds received through the IAC award also supported an annual Purchase Prize for the Putnam County Museum, designed to add significantly to the museum’s collection over time.

     The 2022 exhibit included works by 35 artists — all of whom have lived, worked, studied or were born in Putnam County. It explored a diversity of talent and creative mediums ranging from 2-D painting, drawing, photography, printmaking and collage, to 3-D sculpture, jewelry making and stoneware ceramics.

We invite you to virtually view the 2022 exhibit below. Click on each photo to view the images expanded in a slideshow.

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