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Putnam County Blacksmiths: They Hammered Their Way to Progress!

By Lane Ralph


"The value of a blacksmith to early settlers, farmers and merchants cannot be
understated in the growth and development of our state and counties. They served
as makers and repairmen for a multitude of items used by pioneers as they sought
to survive the harshness of early life in Putnam County and thrive. As the land was
cleared for farming; as stone quarries and brick kilns were developed for
construction materials; as water- and horse-powered mills were built in multiple
locations; and as sawmills utilized the bounty of vast forests, blacksmiths were
essential. (...)"
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Pictured: Interior of the blacksmith shop located within the Landis–Werneke Carriage Repair business. Courtesy of Putnam County Public Library, gift of Julia Werneke Deem, niece of the brothers Will and Edward Werneke, who worked in the business.

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