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Andrew Durham was a Hoosier attorney and state senator during the twenties. Often covered in the papers, he was one of Indiana's leading Democratic politicians who served as minority leader in the Indiana Senate in 1927. During 1925 he was instigator of the famous "Runaway Democrats" episode in the Senate. Later, in the thirties and forties, he continued his political career as a lobbyist for the railroad industry. Most of all, he was a fascinating and sought-after speaker and raconteur- a man both newspapers and appreciative listeners to his speeches called "The Will Rogers of Indiana" for his wit and incisive commentaries on the passing scene. Durham left over five hundred letters which reflect this interesting wit and commentary. "Pap's" son, Frank, compiled them, and they are presented here as a tribute to the man- and an era which encourages the writing of literature, meaningful letters.

Epistles from Pap - Letters from the man known as 'The Will Rogers of Indiana'.

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