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Charles H. Barnaby and His Lumber Mill, by Malcolm Romine

Howard Barnaby built his first mill on what is now U.S. 231 (at that time it was called the Crawfordsville Gravel Road) between where the Putnam County Museum and Dr. Scamahorn’s veterinary office are now located.


Greencastle Township was once a heavily timbered region, so this location was a natural choice. Reports were that by the late 1890s the Barnaby Lumber yard was employing about 25 teams and 40 men. Working with hardwoods, the Barnaby Mill did a thriving business for many years, one that included supplying walnut for World War I airplane propellers.

Malcolm Romine has compiled a thorough history of the Barnaby Sawmill, and how it became a standout Putnam County Business.

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