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On February 15, 2020 Eitel’s Flowers, Inc. closed its doors after 112 years of growing and selling floral products in Greencastle, Indiana. The business began in 1908, operated by German immigrant John Eitel, then his son, grandson, and great grandson. It was purchased by Jenny and Kent Sullivan in 2011,and continued operating as a family business until its closing in 2020. 


This collection of photographs, objects, advertisements and memories tells the story of a vibrant family and community, highlighting the historical struggles and successes of Eitel’s Flowers from 1908-2020. 


“The Eitel Family hopes this album, not a book, nor perfect in every detail, will record and retain the history of one of Greencastle’s oldest family businesses for reference and future generations curiosity.” - Kenneth J. Eitel, Jr.


All copies sold at the Putnam County Museum are autographed by the author, Kenneth J. Eitel, Jr.

A Collection of Memories, John Eitel and Sons Florists

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