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Oh Mom! Memories of the Omar Man

Shared by Sandra Clodfelter Elliot

Hello,  my name is Sandra Clodfelter Elliott.  I live in Katy, Texas, but was born and raised a mile west of Morton.  Our family had an Omar man for several years.  I was just a little girl so I don't know how many years that was.  Having an Omar man was a big deal.  We did not live close to a grocery store and did not have a car.  Actually, Morton had a grocery store and it was only a mile away, and we walked there along Highway 36, but that is another story.  

Back to the Omar man.  It was always a real treat to see him drive in.  He was such a nice man and I do wish I knew his name now.  One time, he stopped and asked my little brother, "where are your sisters?”  Little brother misunderstood him, thinking he said scissors, and said, "they are at Morton being sharpened.”  The Omar man sure got a chuckle out of that.   

Omar Ad.jpg

Another time, same little brother was asleep on a blanket in the front yard under a tree.  Our Omar man saw a black snake close to him and scared it away.  He saved the day and our baby brother.


Also, our oldest brother was an Omar man in Indianapolis for a few years.  Again, I was still a little girl and don't remember how many years he worked for the Omar Bakeries, but he really enjoyed meeting and greeting his customers.  

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